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Collaboration: Dear Mr(s). You (Part 2)

A Love Letter To My Extended Family From the sisters that know my heart and how to soothe it when it’s hurting to the brothers that have acknowledged my strength while having my back. To every one of you that has been there for me,


Collaboration: Dear Mr(s). You (Part 1)

“Dear Mr(s). You” is a collection of letters written to those we’ve loved.  This collaboration was so popular that we’ve broken it up into two parts.  Part 2 will be up later this week. Dear Mr. You, I think the hardest part was losing respect


Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby

Valentine’s Day. Chocolates. Roses. The male of the species feeling quite confident in their feeble attempts at awe-inspiring romantic gestures. The female of the species expecting quite profound and moving expressions of love. The people currently without a significant other in their life feeling mildly pissed that everyone


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Presidential Primary 2016 Voting Guide FAQ

Presidential Primary 2016 Voting Guide FAQ: 1. Are you registered or have you moved to a different address and need to update your registration information? Alabama is now the 32nd state to offer online registration, which is a new process. You can do that here:


My Whole Heart

I’m writing this piece from a hospital bed next to my sleeping son. Today, he was diagnosed with a heart defect. A literal hole in his heart. And while I am exhausted, I am utterly relieved. For months he has struggled to breathe, working himself

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“Gräfenberg’s Angel”

  Rugged hips with Relentless energy Invisibly String-tied to waving black matter. Light crystalizes In caverns below –although Direction is subjective.   Cauldrons of remedy S  i  m  m  e  r  i  n  g Marionettes of soul S  e  e  k  i  n  g Sustenance