Pro-Choice or No-Choice?

I know we’re divided as a country. I know, living in Alabama, even more so.  Especially with this election looming on Tuesday.  I’ve heard numerous people say, “I just can’t vote for him because he wants abortions.”  Let me be clear here. No one wants

Gift Guide: Festive As Fuck

 Festive As Fuck Balloon Banner  Large Middle Finger Patch Embroidered On  “Fuck You” Glass Earring Studs  Cat Applique “Fuck You” Patch  Middle Finger Washi Tape  Middle Finger Women’s T Shirt  Fuck Phone Case  Funny Socks  Fuck Coffee Mug Fuck Handmade Wired Rings

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Women of 2017

If this year has taught us anything….it’s that we should be listening to women.  We’re preaching to the choir here though. 😉  How about we listen to some of the best songs of the year by some of the women we think you should be

Gift Guide: Shop Local

Tis the season to start shopping for the holidays.  I’ve included my top 10 local shops to look for gifts in the Birmingham area.  Feel free to comment below and include where you like to shop locally. 1. Charm, Downtown  Charm, located at 2329 2nd Ave

In the News with Amy

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Day Twenty-Seven: Comfort

I love those quiet moments in the kitchen when you can combine ingredients to make a favorite dish.  Mine is my father’s lasagna.  It’s legendary in our house and the one dish I request every time I go home to visit.  Every Christmas there is