In the News This Week With Amy

The Good Wife’s Guide, Housekeeping Monthly, 1955 Sources Say Obama Could Name First Female Combatant Commander Inge Prader Recreates Klimt Paintings With Models The Long and Glorious History of Cat Ladies Ronda Rousey and the Danger of Being Imperfect While Female


Done & Dunne: Angry About Being Sad

Angry About Being Sad – Ignored feelings tend to compound on each other. We can feel angry or guilty about an emotional reaction we have to events in our lives. It can feel like a fire in your gut.   Follow more of Done and Dunne’s


Shinier, Less Touched By Life

11.22.11 The calendar keeps me apprised of my wedding anniversary these days, not my husband.  25 years ago today I thought I had reached the pinnacle of best days of my life.  I was 22. Makes me smile.  Makes me sad. It was an overcast


In the News This Week With Amy

Georgia Police Chief:  Most Sexual Assaults ‘Ain’t Rap’-Women Are ‘Just Stupid’ If Twyla Tharp Is Dracula, Dance Is Her Lifeblood Inside the Weird World of an Islamic ‘Feminist’ Cult 7 Badass Female Superheroes in Comics Right Now In Focus:  Women and the Refugee Crisis  


Paws Off My Culture!

Have you ever ordered a coffee in Chicago and had the barista snicker as soon as the words escaped your lips? Have you overheard someone from the North trash talk your state solely based on our elected officials and nothing else? Has someone from California


Falling Together

Saturday, October 3rd: Not even thirty minutes after three of my male friends and I walked into my apartment, I received an unexpected call from my boss. A phone call that began with “I just got some disturbing news.” She said she was told that


Bros Before Hoes

Where do I fit in in a male dominated sport? I think every woman has thought, “If I had a penis, this would be different,” at some point in their lives. Whether it was at work, at the mechanic, in a relationship, I think most