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From Thursday to Thursday

From Thursday to Thursday is a weekly installment by Brooke McCarley where she highlights local events from IATFB’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.   Thursday night, Lydia Loveless will be gracing everyone’s favorite dive bar, The Nick. Loveless will be headlining on Thursday, Sept. 18 with Birmingham’s own sweetheart, Mandi Rae plus Gigi Scott. The Nick has a new policy which… Read more →


Personal Story: Part of Who I Am

Part of Who I Am By: Meg Sullivan   It was always there. I remember it even in my childhood. I clung to my mother’s side when we entered the first grade classroom, terrified. I cried for the first three days after being left by my mom in that new classroom, in that new school, in that new state.  The teacher… Read more →


The Single Lady’s Guide to Buying a House

The Single Lady’s Guide to Buying a House By: Emily Dykes   Around this time last year, I decided that I wanted to buy a house. Being that I am hopelessly single, I knew it wasn’t going to be the easiest thing I ever decided to do, but being that I am probably one of the most stubborn asses ever;… Read more →


Personal Story: Steel Double Doors

Steel Double Doors By:  Charlie Smith   It was a Friday like any other one. The alarm clock was as obnoxious as ever, but this was the last I had to hear of it for the next two days. I stumbled around the house groggy. I was half asleep searching for a bath towel, and trying to gather what random… Read more →