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Fashion Friday: Beauty Look: The Mean Girls at N°21

Fashion Friday:   Beauty Look: The Mean Girls at N°21 By:  Andrea Paschal   The other day I was looking at some images from the Spring 2015 shows to get some inspiration for the warmer months ahead. One of my favorite ways to get inspired is to not only look at the clothes from the runways, but also the beauty shots.… Read more →


Collaboration: Tattoos

A few contributors to I Am The F-Bomb share their tattoo stories.  Do you have one to share too?  Send them in to info@iamthefbomb.com   Courage:  My Tattoo Story By:  Lindsay Garrett   When I was 19, I got my second tattoo.  I was a freshman at Auburn, and shared a scholarship dorm suite with two other girls my age… Read more →