#WCW: Terry Gross

I’m going to end my month long #wcw residency with my very favorite lady in radio land, Terry Gross. For the last 3.5 years, I’ve had the honor of hosting a radio show, playing my favorite music, interviewing local and national bands, and breaking habits


My Coming Out Story

It’s kind of amazing how every LGBT person’s Coming Out Story is SO different from the next. Every story is unique. Every story has a different ending. Every story is empowering and beautiful, regardless of the outcome. The stories of strangers have helped me immensely


poly- & pan-

The purpose of this piece is to attempt to educate about pansexuality and polyamory via a first-hand perspective. Though the traditional definition of bisexuality is “being sexually attracted to both men and women,” I prefer to word it as “being attracted to both men and


In the News with Amy

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Bombs Away: Banana Old Fashioned

Let’s move to a stirred cocktail this month. We’ll start with an Old Fashioned variation, which is one of the simplest stirred drinks to make. Giffard Banane du Brésil goes really well with whiskey, which I’d recommend, but the choice for banana liqueur is your


#WCW: Patti Smith

Next up on my #WCW month is Patti Smith.  Patti is another multi-faceted, multi-talented artist.  Amazing poet, songwriter, performer, visual artist, and author, she has inspired me so much over the years. I admit, I have a weakness for her time period of music, of


Collaboration: Sexual Assault

In the wake of the news of Brock Turner’s conviction, it got us here at I Am The F-Bomb talking.  It made us discuss what is just and what is unjust.  What the victim in any case has to endure and what we’ve had to endure.

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The Pulse of Fear

Sunday morning my neighbor called and asked, “Does your husband go to a club named Pulse?”…yes, yes he does or she does. I’m still having problems with pronouns. She then told me to turn on the news immediately and call him. I was frozen. He


In the News with Amy

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