The Trip

The trip got off to a rocky start, arriving in Alabama panicked and depressed and coming off absolutely all my medications. I had just quit my job not two weeks prior and graduated with my doctorate in psychology a week after that with an unceremonious

(Best Of) Collaboration: Sexual Assault

With the #metoo movement hitting social media by storm over the weekend, it has us looking back to our collaboration on sexual assault we did last summer.  These are just a few of our stories.  There are so many more.   (Trigger warning. Some graphic details

Best Of: My Coming Out Story

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and we’ve been fortunate enough to have a few coming out stories shared here on I Am The F-Bomb. Here’s Nicole’s letter to her parents that we originally shared last June.  Thank you for sharing your story, Nicole.  It’s

Best Of: Coming Out Story

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and we’ve been lucky enough to share a few coming out stories, include Cassie’s. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for reading. Thank you for telling us your stories. Here I am, 27 years old and I was the

Letter From A Southern Daughter

You wanted better things for me… You wanted better things for me, so I worked in impoverished Elysian Fields in New Orleans as a teenager and saw every advantage I had to be grateful for and returned changed, with a deep sense of empathy and

Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down

A few months back my boyfriend and I watched the movie Big Eyes. It starred Amy Adams, whom I’ve always enjoyed in movies probably because of her prettiness and red hair. She gives elegant performances and always looks like she’s thinking deeply, something that can

Best Of: My 31 Movies of Halloween

Last year we shared Mandy’s collection of her top 31 movies of Halloween.  Ready to get in the ghoulish season?  Try watching one of these each day this month and see how many you can get through. I’ve always had a weakness for horror movies.

Grief & Loss

  Do you ever feel like if one strand of the universe bends the wrong way, you will simply break into a million pieces and become lost in the gray static of your own life? I do. In the past six months, I have separated

In the News with Amy

With Unbelievable, Katy Tur Puts Herself at the Center of the Story “What Happened” in the 2016 Election is Part of Women’s History—And Hillary Deserves To Tell It The Greatest Contraceptive Was A Plant That The Romans Ate To Extinction 11 Female Abstract Expressionists You

Interview: Fernanda Herrera

After reading “Alabama Dreamers face confusion, fear as Trump administration signals weakening of DACA“, on, Melanie reached out to Fernanda for an interview. Comprehensive Immigration Reform and bringing change to our southern states is so important. There are so many stories and that’s what