Walking Thoughts

My mind wanders through conversations, construction details, chord progressions, upcoming dates I need to keep in my head, to focusing back on the song in my ear buds. My mind fires on all cylinders in different directions constantly and I wonder how I get anything

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Reclaiming My Sexuality

In 2006, I became an internet model, meaning I made a living allowing both professional and hobby photographers to take pictures of my nude body.  This job allowed me to go to school and to travel the country for three years from Puerto Rico to

In the News with Amy

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Friendly Reminder: Y’all Means All

I have to admit that before the 2016 election, I was one of those people that shrugged off any political conversation with a quick “I hate politics” statement. Before this election, I kept quiet about any controversial topics in an effort to keep the peace

Crisis Center Benefit: Year Three!

Come out Thursday night! This is our favorite event of the year! Six I Am The F-Bomb contributors will read their stories aloud at Desert Island Supply Company.  There will be drinks from The Whiskey Thief and coffee and snacks from Church Street Coffee &


Watching a band play, I thought something broke inside of me. The music begged for full attention so I gave all of it to the sounds on stage. Someone else said there was nothing else to do but lean in to the music. Another person

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