Love Is Best

I was young. Being a 24 year old mother is scary. I believe no matter what age you are, the first baby is terrifying. Wrapping your mind around growing a human inside of oneself is just a heavy feat to accomplish. This is my story


Collaboration: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding combines so many avenues of women’s issues. For some it’s a source of happiness, satisfaction and empowerment, for others it proves to be stressful, oppressive and restricting. Women are shamed for breastfeeding in public and made to feel guilty for not breastfeeding at all.


Type A, Type B, Type Me

My parents raised me to have tough skin. Unfortunately, my instinctual shame face screamed emotional and insecure, which meant even the blind could see through my fictional sticks and stones mentality. In high school, caring about grades or caring in general, got you dangerously close


In the News

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Language Arts

Previously published in The Auburn Plainsman 8/14 The cursor blinks in front of me. The blank page looms below me, a white cliff, a plummet, an inarguable icy decline. Wanting from words. Words imperfectly penned. Words not jotted down. Words wild and coarse. The kind


No Biting

It was dark outside but the interior of the coffee shop was glowing from the yellow orbs that suspended from the ceiling. The jukebox played old country music and the glass cube building was sweating from the heat and humidity outside. I worked there a



We met online, as cheesy as that sounds. In his profile photo he was deeply tanned, wearing a medium blue polo-type shirt, rattyish yellow ball cap and his salt and pepper curls peeked out from around the sides. He was smiling broadly. His blue eyes


Repost: Breastfeeding

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week next week we are reposting this article for your reading pleasure. I didn’t breastfeed my youngest son. Now, before you go calling DHR on me because of my obvious unfitness as a mom, let me reassure you that he

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My Precious Mom

My precious mom has dementia. She’s only 74. I learned of this on my birthday, last year. My 50th birthday. For some weird reason, my family loves giving me heavy news on my birthday. Like the time my brother’s girlfriend informed me that she was