Fashion Friday: Military Style

With Memorial Day coming up, most of us are excited for a long weekend or a Monday off….but it got me thinking about my love of military inspired fashion. I have always been drawn to clothes with a military vibe. These are clothes that are


In The News This Week

What People Don’t Understand About Miscarriages The ACLU Calls For An Investigation Of Hollywood’s Sexism Theresa Duncan’s Feminist Video Games Are Everything That’s Right About The ’90s Artist Describes What It’s Really Like To Have A Period With Honest Illustrations Austin Greets First Majority-Female City


Be Great

Dear friends leading a moderately well-adjusted, normal life. I know you. You feel relatively happy, but wonder, is there more to life? Life isn’t necessarily bad, so why do you wish it better? How selfish can you be – right? There are people with real


Grieving: Rules For The Rest Of Us

This story was originally posted on Elephant Journal My grandmother’s bed was disassembled and moved to a storage room once the new hospital bed arrived to her home. Along with the bed, they also assigned nurses that were always stuck in traffic and a booklet


A Day In The Life: Our Editor-In-Chief

I get asked on a daily basis, “How do you have time to do everything?”, “Do you sleep?”, “How do you keep up?”, etc.  You get the point.  There’s a high probability if you’re reading this and know me personally you’ve asked me this too.