Rad women telling their stories.


Personal Story: Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail. By: Brooke McCarley   The beginning of the Appalachian Trail is about a 4-hour drive from Birmingham to North Georgia. It then uncurls for 2181 miles through woods, mountains and mental-breaking points until it reaches Maine. Hiking the A.T. or parts of it was one of my vague goals until my friend suggested we do… Read more →


Personal Story: What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up By:  Jackie Lo   When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut.   Living in central Florida through the entire decade of the 80s, shuttle launches were a big deal. Every morning of a launch we would huddle outside on our way to class and peer up into… Read more →


Personal Story: The Ways We Are Not Protected

The Ways We Are Not Protected By: Melanie Smith   2012 Code of Alabama / Title 13A – Criminal Code. Chapter 6 – Offenses Involving Danger to the Person. Section 13A-6-90.1 – Stalking in the second degree.   a)     A person who, acting with an improper purpose, intentionally and repeatedly follows, harasses, telephones, or initiates communication, verbally, electronically, or otherwise,… Read more →


Fashion Friday: Moon Ladies

Fashion Friday: Moon Ladies By: Andrea Paschal, Catch-Style   Sarah Moon is one of my favorite photographers, and I especially love her fashion photography. She did a lot of work for Cacharel, Vogue and Karl Lagerfeld era Chloe in the 70′s and her photos are as soft as a fading dream. She truly created a world of her own, one of… Read more →