Rad women telling their stories.


Pharmacy Phaves Part 2: Winter Skin Edition

Pharmacy Phaves Part 2: Winter Skin Edition By:  Andrea Paschal   It has been REALLY cold lately so for this edition of “Pharmacy Phaves”, I wanted to put together some of my favorite items for helping keep skin happy and healthy in these winter months. 1. YES TO TOMATOES ACTIVATED CHARCOAL BAR SOAP $4.99 Activated Charcoal is useful to help… Read more →


Personal Story: Lost Engagement

Lost Engagement By:  Amanda Westfall   I chose my engagement ring on the fourth of July while my boyfriend and neighbors were celebrating in our shared courtyard. My boyfriend had been gently urging me to pick out a ring for several months. On this day, there was a colorful sunset and the mood was festive. This time when my boyfriend… Read more →


Personal Story: Regrets (and other R-words)

Regrets (and other R-words) By:  Christina Terrell   Trigger Warning: This is a personal story about stranger rape. Stranger rape is less prevalent than acquaintance rape occurring just 18% of the time, according to a study published by the Department of Justice. In the US, a rape is reported about once every five minutes (FBI Uniform Crime Report, 2000). Rape… Read more →


The Dudes You Meet in the ‘Ham

The Dudes You Meet in the ‘Ham By:  Amber Ritchie   Lakeview “I’d LOVE to hear more about your fraternity!”   Any time I’m in Lakeview, which granted, isn’t often, I feel like the only dudes I see are frat bros or retired frat bros. All smushed together surrounding a TV, musing about some craft beer nonsense, or offering girls… Read more →