Bombs Away: Summer Crisp Gimlet

Y’all, it’s hot outside. Sweat after dark, hot. Let’s remedy that with something refreshing (and alcoholic). This month’s cocktail is still simple enough for a beginner to make, and you’ll learn how to make a cucumber syrup too!   Summer Crisp Gimlet Ingredients: 2 oz


In the News with Amy

One group is responsible for America’s culture of violence, and it isn’t cops, black American, Muslims or rednecks.  It’s men. #WhyIDance Behind the Scenes with the Men of Alabama Ballet Board of Sexism in Chess?  Check Out These New Exhibitions Hemingway in Love.  In a


#WCW: Leslie Jones

With more talent than any of the online trolls targeting her, Leslie Jones is our #WCW. Her style of comedy has led her to perform esteemed festivals such as Just For Laughs Festival and the Aspen Comedy Festival. Not to mention she is a Saturday

Mother talking seriously with young son

What Am I Going To Tell My Kids?

Another day waking up with coffee and cats and internet, and another black man shot and killed by police. On camera. My soul is sick, and I don’t know how much more it can take. There was a time in my life when I would


Let Me Hear Your Voice

Black lives matter. They don’t just matter when blacks are “acting right” as my uncle suggested they needed to do over Christmas dinner. They don’t only matter when it’s convenient. Saying that they matter doesn’t mean I’m anti-white. And while I consider discontent to be


In the News With Amy

For The Record by Jennifer Aniston How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down This Mom Speaks Out Against Body Shaming Pregnant Women Absurd Propaganda Postcards Warning Men About The Dangers Of Women’s Rights, Early 1900s. Congresswoman Speier Introduces Pink Tax Repeal Act To End Gender-Based


#WCW: Wonou Walet Sidati

To be honest, this is Band Crush Wednesday as it’s safe to say that I love this group in its entirety. But to be fair, I will say my WCW is Wonou Walet Sidati who plays with Tinariwen while working on other projects. I assume


He Was Never A Grandfather

He Was NEVER a Grandfather. While growing up I never really had a grandfather. My mother’s stepfather was around but we never called him “Paw Paw” like the other cousins in our family. I never thought about it really until I was older. Momma never