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From Thursday to Thursday

From Thursday to Thursday By:  Brooke McCarley Last week brought on the events that used the last half of the word October. Now Parktober and Barktober is over, and it is time for too many costume contests and beers. Plus a temperature drop just in time for skimpy costumes. Halloween in Birmingham is upon us! Please try not to fight… Read more →


Mark Manson’s Law of Fuck Yes or No

  A few months ago I stumbled upon an article by Mark Manson titled “Fuck Yes or No” and it’s stuck with me.  I’ve had friends ask me for advice on a number of issues and every time my first reaction is to say, “If the answer isn’t Fuck yes then it’s no”.  This is how I want to live my… Read more →


Bookish: October

Bookish:  October By:  Amanda Marie Westfall   Last October I was inspired by Oak Park Public Library’s Genre X and Chicago’s PBR Book & Film Club to start a book club for the 20-30 year olds of my library. I partnered with the amazing folks at Church Street Coffee & Books and we created Church & Oak (for our respective… Read more →