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My Daughter Is Not Transgender.  She’s a Tomboy. A Look Back at the 1925 Woman’s World Fair Women’s libraries and bookstores deal with historic but problematic second-wave feminism 17 Most Feminist Sci-Fi Movies Ever To Inspire You To Take On The Patriarchy 15 years later,

Interview: Joi Miner

Sometimes you meet someone and know instantly that you need to know more.  Joi is that for me.  We worked together last year on a reading at the Magic City Acceptance Center with the Crisis Center in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month and I

Best Of: Your Self Esteem Sucks

(Originally published, July 2014) Let me start out by telling you that as a portrait photographer, I get hair-dresser intimate with my clients. You come over to my studio with no make up on and your hair in a ponytail, and that’s when I get

Why I Don’t Trust White People With Big Ears

(This article was originally published on Neguswhoread) I was driving to a friend’s house for a working/hang-out session, and saw a billboard congratulating Jeff Sessions for being selected as US Attorney General. I looked at his image on the billboard and realized something about him

Best Of: A Tree Is Missing From Exit 5

Originally published July 14, 2014. Every November since I was six, my family took a long road trip to Pennsylvania. Spending 14 hours in the car, I found creative ways to pass the time; go through the alphabet in order using only road signs and

In The News With Amy

‘How Am I Supposed To Explain This To My Kids?!’ (Explained) You Will Never, in Your Entire Life, Get the Best of Maxine Waters The US beauty queen making her invisible illness visible The Anonymous Woman:  Picturing Domesticity and Identity We Need to Stop Ignoring

Collaboration: Podcasts We Love

I found myself in a long conversation a few weeks ago about podcasts.  What I was listening to.  What everyone else was listening to.  Working a job that requires me to sit at a desk hours every day, it’s an escape.  It’s the ultimate multi-task.

In The News With Amy

Judge Declares That Kesha Should’ve Known Dr. Luke Was Going to Rape and Abuse Her, Rejects Her Lawsuit This is a photo of lawmakers discussing taking away maternity coverage Best Donald Trump Jr. Memes Anti-abortion lawmaker:  Rape, incest “will of God,” but God can “bring

Did I Say Yes To This?

I was an insecure, brand new 18 year old girl struggling with my sexuality. I was a waitress with a bad pill habit living with my parents in rural Alabama. It wasn’t the best time in my life to say the least. I went to