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Trump budget threatens nutrition services for poor women and children 11 Female Abstract Expressionists You Should Know, from Joan Mitchell to Alma Thomas What If Women Didn’t Have To Pay For Men’s Care? Restroom sexual assault victim outraged after Christians exploit her attack

Interview: Amanda Keller

  I met Amanda a few years ago through mutual friends and she quickly became one my favorite humans. As part of the LGBTQ+ community, I knew of Amanda but I had not officially met her until that time. I knew that Amanda was a

Tequila Sunrise and Time Travel

I love when a song can take you back to a place and moment in life.   “Tequila Sunrise” was playing on the radio on my way home tonight and I started singing it, knowing every word, when I was suddenly transported back to my

In the News with Amy

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Art For A Cause

  I’ve been a fan of Vivienne Strauss’s work for some time and am the happy owner of a few pieces.  Last week Vivienne started Art For A Cause on her Etsy shop.  45% of proceeds from original pieces and 20% of proceeds from prints will

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Male ‘Doctor’ Says Women Should Glue Their Labia Shut Texas Lawmakers Advance Bill That Would Allow Doctors to Lie to Pregnant Women Pussy Hats Make an Appearance on the Missoni Runway A Disney cartoon just featured same-sex kisses and nobody even noticed New Lego set

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Women Classical Composers

I’ve always been fascinated with classical music. I’ve studied it, performed it, and remember every time a woman performer or composer was mentioned in class I would perk up. So, today I’ve decided to put together some of the best women that were classical composers

In the News with Amy

Kentucky bill forces men to get wife’s OK before getting Viagra This is how Iranian women dressed in the 1970s before the Iranian Revolution A Balm When You’re Expecting:  Sometimes Pot Does the Trick Teenage Girls Standing Up To Patriarchy in India I need you