Interview: Suzette Callahan

I first met Suzette at an art show in Mobile in the now defunct Royal Street Tattoo. RST was a rare tattoo mecca in Alabama, inspiring seasonal day trips down for some of the finest work in the Southeast. Seeing her was a breath of


#WCW: Nicki Minaj

Y’all, I am unabashedly unashamed of my love of Nicki Minaj. In the turmoil of the wake Michelle Obama’s response to Trump’s comments, I’ve seen and heard people criticize Beyonce’ and Nicki and I’m not. having. it. Because Nicki Minaj is a boss. She is


Collaboration: Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Too many of us have these stories to share.  Too often does this happen.  But, sharing our stories, not being alone, and finding our way out and showing others that it can happen is what healing and moving forward


In The News This Week

We Talked to Kim Gordon and She’s Just Like Us (Not Really) Sex, Drugs, and Broomsticks: The Origins of the Iconic Witch Wonder Woman Named Honorary U.N. Ambassador for Gender Equality Marvel and ABC News collaborated on ‘Madaya Mom‘, a comic about a Syrian mother


Interview: Alabama Rose

I Am The F-Bomb readers meet Alabama Rose, a Birmingham musician that you’re going to start seeing pop up on bills all over town.  Find out a little more about her, where you can see her live, and what she’s been up to in this


#WCW: Ambrosia Starling

In Alabama politics, there are always some that insist that their religion is our law. Now suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore is one of those people. After issuing an order to halt same sex marriages throughout the state of Alabama, Moore was taken to trial


Collaboration: #NotOkay

Since the Trump tape released on Friday, the internet has exploded with women sharing their sexual assault stories.  The #NotOkay movement is in full swing and we are jumping on board with our stories.  We have them.  We are not alone.  We hate that anyone


In the News with Amy

Princeton Club is Forcing Partygoers To Read About Consent The Obsessive Photographer Behind America’s First Gay Magazine Polish Women Hold ‘Black Monday‘ Strike To Protest Proposed Abortion Ban Before European Christians Forced Gender Roles, Native Americans Acknowledged 5 Genders Ellen Burstyn & Gloria Steinem Death,