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Day Sixteen: Expectations

-Shea ___ What begins as expectation evolves into what’s important. With experience and maturity, we’ll call it, I’m more accepting of not knowing. Now that I know less, I know more. I know what’s important to me & that is always in motion. Among my

Day Fourteen: Death

Death. Birth. Just about everything I do finds it’s way to these two things and somehow now, when prompted to speak to them directly, I’m frozen. Numb. Knowing. Disappointed. It scares me, sure, but maybe it’s that I spent a week consumed in celebration of

Day Thirteen: Birth

Birth. I don’t know much of birth. I had one, I suppose.  Never done one.  Never much thought about it. But. Simone says, “One is not born,   But rather, becomes a woman.” Oh how I know that. One must learn grace and wisdom. One

Day Twelve: A Special Skill

I’m a mimicker. There are certain voices and mannerisms I can see and hear and replicate them. It can be in speech or singing. Like the time the woman at Tom & Jerry’s was complaining that they had Wet Wipes but didn’t have any hot

Day Eleven: Bad Habit

I have many, many bad habits. However, I fully object to meditating upon any of them at this time. We have a good thing going right now, me and my habits, and I don’t want to upset any of them. Of course, all of the

Day Ten: Things You Want To Say To An Ex

Dear You, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a poor boyfriend model in a relationship.  Because of you, I have spent my entire life with the love of my life, my soulmate.  I am so very sorry I wasted

Day Nine: When You’re Alone

When you’re alone. Do you think about me? ___ If we’re being honest I’ve spent years 18-23 almost NEVER alone. Having had at least three roommates at all times with different work and life schedules, meant that at any given moment I wasn’t totally alone.

Day Eight: I’m Thankful For My Body Because…

I love my body because, despite all the negativity I’ve given almost every inch of it over the years, it still functions perfectly and gets me through every day. That part of Mean Girls where they are standing in front of the mirror saying things

Day Seven: Dreams

We’re naked and you’re lying on your back in bed with your eyes closed.  I come over and lie next you, on my side facing you. “Did you ever think we’d be here?” I ask. Opening your eyes while nodding yes you say, “Yeah” with