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Day Thirty: Overview Of Writing For 30 Days

It is with great sadness that I submit my last writing assignment here.  Thanks so much for this opportunity to fulfill this 30 day challenge.  It has made me start writing again, and this daily discipline has been good for me.  It was fun, meaningful,

Day Twenty-Seven: Comfort

I love those quiet moments in the kitchen when you can combine ingredients to make a favorite dish.  Mine is my father’s lasagna.  It’s legendary in our house and the one dish I request every time I go home to visit.  Every Christmas there is

Day Twenty-Six: Religion and/or Spirituality

I didn’t grow up going to church.  Both of my parents had done the organized religion thing growing up and both agreed it wasn’t for them.  But, they were open to letting us find our own truths.  I visited churches of all denominations through my

Day Twenty-Five: Animal

I believe animals have a spiritual quality about them.  There is a connectedness with animals experienced by many.  I almost feel un-American to admit I am not a Dog Person, but I have been dog bitten three times, and I believe that gives me a

Day Twenty-Four: Most Precious Childhood Possession

I was always a nerd in school. I made straight A’s. I finished tests first. I studied and I really cared. One year in elementary school in Tampa, my teacher decided to give gifts to the students in the class that had the best test

Day Twenty-Three: Thanksgiving Tradition/Thankful For

My list of  things I am thankful for could go on for pages (family, health, friends, home, ice cream, gardenias, pine-scented candles, music, books, autumn, white wine, etc.), but holidays are not on that list.  Exceptions are Labor Day and Memorial Day, holidays where shopping,

Day Twenty-Two: Favorite Place In Your House

My favorite place in my house is the sunroom. The first time I walked through the house I fell in love with it. The jalousie windows that open out into the side yard, the slate floor, the Bertoia Diamond Chair with a pillow, the low

Day Twenty-One: Hometown

My hometown holds a lot of great memories, of growing up, of crushes and first kisses and first loves, of learning to drive, finding independence, of marching bands, and Peanut Festivals, and late night drives to the beach. I’ll forever be connected with my friends

Day Twenty: Your Role In Your Family

I’m a little sister to a brother where my role is thankfully a best friend. I’m also a baby-half sister to another brother. I’m an older cousin to a 20 year old marine who’s struggling to get through his term serving. I make a habit