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Video: Run The Jewels Keeping Women Safe

One of the highlights of Sloss Music & Arts Festival this weekend was Run The Jewels and even more specifically, this intro by Killer Mike. Thank goodness Rithm Blue got it on video. “As you guys can see we’ve gone from a raunchy ass punk

[Video] Secret Commercials

Secret has a new series of commercials showing there’s no wrong way to be a woman, finding courage to ask for a raise, and popping the question:

Video: Deap Vally “Smile More”

Sometimes a song comes around that makes you go “Yes. That’s exactly what I Am The F-Bomb is all about”.  So, you have to share it right? Enjoy. Deap Vally “Smile More”

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Labor Day

It’s Labor Day weekend and we’ve put together a playlist in honor of all of the hard work we do day in and day out. Sit back and enjoy.

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Women of Hip Hop

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s watching music video after music video on the sofa after school or all day long during the summer when I wasn’t outside playing.  The one genre that really stuck with me was hip hop…especially the women that

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Secret Stages

Secret Stages is coming up August 5th and 6th!  Nicole put together the acts she’s most excited about seeing this year in this F-Bomb Mixtapes.  Start putting together your list and let’s compare notes.

F-Bomb Mixtapes: America!

For your holiday weekend we bring you our latest F-Bomb Mixtapes all about America. Hope you have a happy 4th of July.