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The Trip

The trip got off to a rocky start, arriving in Alabama panicked and depressed and coming off absolutely all my medications. I had just quit my job not two weeks prior and graduated with my doctorate in psychology a week after that with an unceremonious

Letter From A Southern Daughter

You wanted better things for me… You wanted better things for me, so I worked in impoverished Elysian Fields in New Orleans as a teenager and saw every advantage I had to be grateful for and returned changed, with a deep sense of empathy and

Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down

A few months back my boyfriend and I watched the movie Big Eyes. It starred Amy Adams, whom I’ve always enjoyed in movies probably because of her prettiness and red hair. She gives elegant performances and always looks like she’s thinking deeply, something that can

Grief & Loss

  Do you ever feel like if one strand of the universe bends the wrong way, you will simply break into a million pieces and become lost in the gray static of your own life? I do. In the past six months, I have separated

Peace Piece

It’s quiet. There are many kinds of quiet in the world, but this particular quality of stillness is only found above the tree-line on a summit. It’s the kind of quiet that comes with knowing that you’re the only human being for a hundred miles.

Is There A Problem? Yeah, You’re Racist

I was 23 and waiting tables at an Italian restaurant.  My boss had recently moved away with his new wife and left his parents running the restaurant in his absence.  We all got along well. I’d been there almost 5 years and could handle almost

Letter To My Former Self: One Year Ago

One year ago this week, I was in New York, on vacation with the love of my life.  We broke up after the Radiohead show.  I was broken and sad on my birthday 3 days later.   On this birthday, I wrote myself a letter.

Orally Speaking: Why Sex In Writing… And In Life, Is Healthy

“Joi be writin’ them nasty books…” I remember chilling with my ex-husband and his friend and the friend made this comment about my novels. I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. Not because I was offended, but because I’d heard this so many times before.


Father’s Day…nooooo, not another one. That is my honest feeling today and has been for a while. I lost my daddy years ago and it still hurts. Still. The pain that is nothing but raw and ugly and makes you cry ugly and raw tears.

Coming Out Story

Here I am, 27 years old and I was the absolute last person to find out I was gay. These things are always hard to start off, so I’ll start with the memory of elementary school.  I remember clearly having the resilience of a child,