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Reclaiming My Sexuality

In 2006, I became an internet model, meaning I made a living allowing both professional and hobby photographers to take pictures of my nude body.  This job allowed me to go to school and to travel the country for three years from Puerto Rico to

Friendly Reminder: Y’all Means All

I have to admit that before the 2016 election, I was one of those people that shrugged off any political conversation with a quick “I hate politics” statement. Before this election, I kept quiet about any controversial topics in an effort to keep the peace


Watching a band play, I thought something broke inside of me. The music begged for full attention so I gave all of it to the sounds on stage. Someone else said there was nothing else to do but lean in to the music. Another person

It Happened To Me

It happened to me. I was 13 when it started and just shy of 14 when I finally gathered the courage to stop it. My perpetrator was not Roy Moore. I did not live in Gadsden, but rather in a town not so far from


With all the Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, and Donald Trump rape and assault accusations and with all the women coming forward, telling their stories, and supporting one another, I have had increased hope for future generations and maybe even our own to subvert rape culture


Suzy is a tan dog with a black snout like a strong German Shepherd mix should be. I thought she was still growing when I found her, and I hoped she would be my largest dog weighing in at 100 lbs. Yet my veterinarian took

Can We Please Stop Moshing?

It’s a Friday or Saturday or maybe even a Tuesday, and there’s a show I want to see playing at the punk club. I’m a midrange crowd person –not the very front, but not the back either. Decidedly cuddled into the sea of people. The

Our Epilogue

I can hear the trains.  You can always hear the trains here in the morning. They are like me—waking early, coming and going, never arriving, clanging together at the stops, eager to be back on their way. They whistle sadly, and it echoes over the

The Trip

The trip got off to a rocky start, arriving in Alabama panicked and depressed and coming off absolutely all my medications. I had just quit my job not two weeks prior and graduated with my doctorate in psychology a week after that with an unceremonious