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Pro-Choice or No-Choice?

I know we’re divided as a country. I know, living in Alabama, even more so.  Especially with this election looming on Tuesday.  I’ve heard numerous people say, “I just can’t vote for him because he wants abortions.”  Let me be clear here. No one wants

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Write A Book

My first novel, Vices, before it was published!!! I get questions all the time about writing, editing, publishing, and the like. And with the release of my new book, I thought I would post this week about writing. When people find out that you’re a writer,

Let’s Talk About Makeup

This piece is inspired by the incredibly talented and insanely beautiful Alicia Keys and her recent #nomakeup movement. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the #nomakeup movement, here’s some backstory: Back in May, Alicia wrote an essay for the blog Lenny entitled “Time

Gen-X Voters are Stuck in the Middle

It’s no surprise that I’m an undecided voter. While the Boomers seem secure with their choice of Hillary, and the Millennials are churning out Bernie memes like they’ll earn free college credit for them, I’m a Gen-X’er, hopelessly torn between these two massive cohorts who’ve

Weighing In

A girl I went to high school with posted a photo of the cover model on the new swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated this week, with a blurb about her being a possible shill for cholesterol meds, diabetic-nerve shoes or knee replacement parts.  Unspoken directly,

The Force Awakens

The time has come for me to write about my experience watching Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. This post contains ONE SPOILER that’s probably common knowledge by now. I knew very little about the movie going in, despite the fact that Brett &

In Defense of the Dick Pic

I am that girl. The elusive “actually likes a dick pic” girl. After hearing so many women talk about their fury, their disgust and the pure misogyny that is receiving a dick pic, I set out to figure out why I’m different and why I

Good Riddance Quaaludes

I’ve thought about Quaaludes more this week than I have my entire life. It started with Bill Cosby admitting to buying them to drug and rape women. That opened the discussion to talk about this drug, look at its history, ask questions, and I’d almost