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Interview: Fernanda Herrera

After reading “Alabama Dreamers face confusion, fear as Trump administration signals weakening of DACA“, on, Melanie reached out to Fernanda for an interview. Comprehensive Immigration Reform and bringing change to our southern states is so important. There are so many stories and that’s what

Interview: Joi Miner

Sometimes you meet someone and know instantly that you need to know more.  Joi is that for me.  We worked together last year on a reading at the Magic City Acceptance Center with the Crisis Center in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month and I

Interview: Amanda Keller

  I met Amanda a few years ago through mutual friends and she quickly became one my favorite humans. As part of the LGBTQ+ community, I knew of Amanda but I had not officially met her until that time. I knew that Amanda was a

Interview: Brandi Burgess

I remember listening to the Rick and Bubba morning radio show when I was in high school, to show my age that would have been around 1995. No more than 20 minutes here or there, but I do remember liking them. They reminded me of

Interview: Chintia Kirana

This interview is more personal to me than some of my others. Chintia Kirana is a local artist here in Alabama (for now) by way of Indonesia and I’ve known her throughout the years since high school. Over that time, I’ve watched and observed as

Interview: Suzette Callahan

I first met Suzette at an art show in Mobile in the now defunct Royal Street Tattoo. RST was a rare tattoo mecca in Alabama, inspiring seasonal day trips down for some of the finest work in the Southeast. Seeing her was a breath of

Interview: Alabama Rose

I Am The F-Bomb readers meet Alabama Rose, a Birmingham musician that you’re going to start seeing pop up on bills all over town.  Find out a little more about her, where you can see her live, and what she’s been up to in this

Interview: Maddie Ruthless

There is really no introduction for this next interview but I would be remiss not to give this lady some love. It’s my absolute favorite to date. And, like most interviews I’ve done, I expected it to be a long-shot. It was a true joy

Interview: Hannah Thomas

You may remember Hannah from her stellar performance at the I Am The F-Bomb LIVE! event at Saturn last month.  She’s since released a new album that I wanted to shine some well deserved light on.  Find out more about Hannah and her process below

Interview: Anna Thomical

Birmingham’s fXmmXs fatales project is something we should all know about.  With three days of shows at three different venues this weekend and a calendar for sale that will benefit two local nonprofits, let us find out more about this project and upcoming event.  I Am