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Collaboration: Mother Stories

Thanks Mom Barbara was an Adam’s woman. That is what all the ladies in my family call ourselves, Adam’s Women. We are a tenacious bunch and my Mother was certainly no exception. She could sing, skate, sew, ski on water and snow…she spoke several languages

Collaboration: Podcasts We Love

I found myself in a long conversation a few weeks ago about podcasts.  What I was listening to.  What everyone else was listening to.  Working a job that requires me to sit at a desk hours every day, it’s an escape.  It’s the ultimate multi-task.

Women’s March on Washington: Why We’re Marching

The morning after the vote I posted this and it still rings true: “This is what it feels like:  the narcissistic, racist, pervert uncle that used to make lewd comments about your body at 14 just became your legal guardian even after you cried to

Collaboration: A LGBTQ+ Perspective on a Trump Presidency

The following is a collection of opinions/responses/feelings from Central Alabama’s LGBTQ+ community on Donald Trump’s victory and what a Trump Presidency means for us. Over the last 8 years, this country seemed to have made so much progress in the area of LGBTQ+ equality. It

Collaboration: Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Too many of us have these stories to share.  Too often does this happen.  But, sharing our stories, not being alone, and finding our way out and showing others that it can happen is what healing and moving forward

Collaboration: #NotOkay

Since the Trump tape released on Friday, the internet has exploded with women sharing their sexual assault stories.  The #NotOkay movement is in full swing and we are jumping on board with our stories.  We have them.  We are not alone.  We hate that anyone

Collaboration: Women in Sports

We moved to Alabama in the middle of the 5th grade year. Being the new kid is always awkward but being the new kid without a football alliance can be confusing. “Alright, everyone line up.  Auburn fans over here and Alabama fans over here!” our

Collaboration: Freedom & Independence

The minute I turned 16 I was in line at the DMV.  I already had plans that night that involved grabbing coffee and going out to a show with friends.  I had a car that I had saved up, cashed in my bonds for, and

Collaboration: Sexual Assault

In the wake of the news of Brock Turner’s conviction, it got us here at I Am The F-Bomb talking.  It made us discuss what is just and what is unjust.  What the victim in any case has to endure and what we’ve had to endure.