[Podcast] The Bomb Shelter: Episode 6- Rollercoaster of Doom/Everything is Fine

I’ll skip the summary and just give the bullet point version:

Micah calls a 1-800 number from a chilling infomercial recruiting Trumpeters.

Genevieve realizes Toby Keith is openly racist.

The news of the Mosque shooting in Quebec breaks on Twitter during recording.

The headlines over at Breitbart. You know. The website the new head of National Security runs.

Plenty of ban rants.

Disclaimer: there are a lot of noises that happen during this because we couldn’t get off the couch to record it in the bomb shelter/closet/dog’s nap spot. Enjoy!

Song featured:

“No No No No No”

Performed by: Munn and written by Micah Lott/Munn.


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