Day Eleven: Bad Habit

I have many, many bad habits. However, I fully object to meditating upon any of them at this time. We have a good thing going right now, me and my habits, and I don’t want to upset any of them.

Of course, all of the best people have bad habits. Churchill put himself into $75,000 worth of debt for his love of champagne (and whiskey and port and wine, etc etc.) Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp hate bathing (me too, dudes, it’s so boring!) Gwyneth Paltrow has that thing for steam cleaning her yoni and then sticking rocks in it. Honoré de Balzac supposedly drank fifty cups of coffee a day. Even freaking Obama smokes!

I say all the “best” people but interestingly, googling “famous women bad habits” pulls up things like Snooki scrubbing her face with cat litter and not, say, Indira Gandhi and her problems with dog racing or going out with wet hair or whatever. Those stories don’t seem to exist. Do truly accomplished famous women, not just celebrities, have bad habits? Inevitably, you get a list of hot actors giggling about how they maybe eat too many high glucose fruits or don’t shave every day. Meanwhile, Nikola Tesla was in love with a pigeon! I want to know if Marie Curie bit her nails and stayed out until 3 am every once in a while. I want to know if Beatrix Potter liked dirty jokes or if Susan B. Anthony had too many dogs.

I suppose for women, the stakes and standards are always higher. To be self-indulgent or complicated might mean you’re not serious about your work or aren’t legitimately qualified to lead your cause. Personally, I find it inspiring and comforting to see the weirdness that so often rides right behind passion, ambition and genius.



I wipe popcorn hands on my boyfriends pants. 

I blame myself when I shouldn’t. 

I pee in the shower. 

I overthink. 

I use my sleeve for a runny nose. 

I don’t always finish things. 

I laugh when I mean to say fuck off. 

I say fuck a lot. 

I can be selfish.. 

But so can you. 

So fuck it. 



I’ve wanted to start a cover band that only does covers of songs about God and Jesus.  The whole band would be dressed as nuns and we would call ourselves The Bad Habits. I need to make this happen one Halloween.


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