Day Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine: Nobody Knows That I… & Goals For Yourself In The Following Year

Nobody knows that I own a New Kids on the Block Hangin’ Tough on vinyl and might possibly know every word to every song on it.



If I complete this sentence, then everyone will know.  They don’t know for a reason.  I have suffered enough from self punishment and feelings of shame and guilt.  I have isolated myself in fear and hiding with feelings of unworthiness.  I have taken off the hair shirt for good.  No need to rehash it, as I have more than paid my dues.  

I will leave it at that.



Well, I’ll start by ignoring the impulse to begin a sentence with “be more” or “be less”. I’d like to think I’m at a point in my life where just being and trusting the course I’ve participated in laying in front of me, is enough.

I will write more; thank you IATFB for giving me a head start on that. I WILL proceed with intention. I intend to speak my truth with an intention to share with others. I will listen to others’ truths 

I will likely continue to travel a lot and though, I may not have my own home as soon as seems appropriate or convenient, I will care less & less what others think of that. I like my style, that’s enough. I will continue to work on enjoying the journey and living my style unapologetically.

I don’t know if I’ll ever completely disregard some people’s thoughts of me, but I can process it more healthily. I can decide to move on sooner. I will get stronger. (I realize that’s a sneak “be more/be less”, but alas)

I will keep surrounding myself with people who get me or at the very least, support me. I will build many things with these people. Big beautiful things.

I have tinkered, I have toiled, and I have torn it all to bits. I just want to make art of it. Live best I can & make art. That’s it. 



I’m ready to write more, to speak up more, play more music live, to help more, and to stop being pissed off so much with politics.  A girl can hope.



“Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.”

I recently read this quote and fell in love with it.  I wish I knew the author.  It wasn’t me, sorry to say, but I have decided it is going to be my mantra for 2018.  Love=attention=love is the equation I want to live.

So, here are my goals, based on this quote:

To live mindfully. The past has already happened, and the future is yet to come.

To put down my phone.

To be the best person I can be.

To help others and accept them just as they are.

Just be.

Live simply.

I will look forward to achieving the inner peace this lifestyle is sure to bring.


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