Patience is a Virtue

Have you ever laid your heart on the line and gotten nothing in return? I have. Looking back, I have to laugh at my idiot young self and cringe at everything I did wrong. I was 20, single (which has been a very rare occurrence

Wrong Number

It was the week of finals my sophomore year in college and I was just coming off of a very disappointing breakup with a guy I really wanted to like. It just wasn’t right and I knew it and had to end it. I was

Being a Front Woman in Seven Steps

Let me just say that being a front woman in a band fucking rules. Most people don’t really know what it feels like or what goes into playing a live show but there’s a lot to it. Yeah, singing karaoke every once in a while

The Wedding Dress

I can’t help it. I have started to visualize my friends gathered around the apple trees in my grandmother’s front yard that stretches out for miles when seen as a kid. Sometimes I visualize the red bridge that runs over the creek to my cousin’s

Fashion Friday: The New Mom Jean

For the last year or so, every time I went to the thrift store I found myself in the jeans section flipping through pair after pair looking for this perfect pair of jeans that I just couldn’t seem to find anywhere. Here was the criteria:

The Lighting in a Record Store

The lighting in a record store doesn’t joke. It doesn’t add suspense, and it doesn’t hide any flaws. It just exists like office lights on a Monday as you stumble into your monotonous job, stale in ambiance and threatening in gesture. The stale lighting in