Domestic Violence

After reading this story today, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more outrage about the domestic violence happening to people we don’t know. The way people have been acting about these stories, you’d think that domestic violence is rare and unforgivable. The way we

Steel Double Doors

It was a Friday like any other one. The alarm clock was as obnoxious as ever, but this was the last I had to hear of it for the next two days. I stumbled around the house groggy. I was half asleep searching for a

Dear John: Abusive Ex

Dear John My ex was abusive and he’s started dating an acquaintance of mine.  Should I warn her?  I don’t want to look like a crazy ex and she and I aren’t really that close, but I feel I should say something. Dear Concerned This

Just a Casual Purse Snatch

Across the street from where I stood, three guys appeared to be doing nothing more than hanging out in the convenience store parking lot. I could see them watching the crowd that swarmed the music venue. I wondered if they were intrigued by the crowd.

Dear John: Sexist Friend

Dear John A guy friend of mine is sexist and will say really inappropriate things in public amongst our friends.  Sometimes I’m the only girl in the group and it makes me terribly uncomfortable.  No one else seems to think it’s a big deal but

Appalachian Trail

The beginning of the Appalachian Trail is about a 4-hour drive from Birmingham to North Georgia. It then uncurls for 2181 miles through woods, mountains and mental-breaking points until it reaches Maine. Hiking the A.T. or parts of it was one of my vague goals

Fashion Friday: Moon Ladies

Sarah Moon is one of my favorite photographers, and I especially love her fashion photography. She did a lot of work for Cacharel, Vogue and Karl Lagerfeld era Chloe in the 70’s and her photos are as soft as a fading dream. She truly created