The Lighting in a Record Store

The lighting in a record store doesn’t joke. It doesn’t add suspense, and it doesn’t hide any flaws. It just exists like office lights on a Monday as you stumble into your monotonous job, stale in ambiance and threatening in gesture. The stale lighting in

Becoming Blondie, One Way or Another

It is not Halloween, but I don’t want to be me, so I will become Debbie Harry. Debbie Harry, front woman (only woman) of the new wave band Blondie. Debbie Harry, who could clash patterns and start trends that would never go out of style.

Confidence Breeds Compliments

As I roll into my mid-30’s I have found a comfort in myself that I never really knew was ever in question. I have an awesome job, a great partner, a home I am proud of, funny dogs that make me laugh every day, great

Don’t Mistake My Shit For Flowers

DON’T MISTAKE MY SHIT FOR FLOWERS Sometimes it is good to hear an objective opinion. And sometimes the opinion is so strong that words are not even needed. Such as the silence that lingered as I explained the plumbing situation to my mother. That silence

The Angry Won’t Heal Itself

You have heard the whisperings of girls club even if you’re not a member. As far as I can tell, the one rule that has been established in this Facebook club is that you don’t talk about girls club outside of girls club. We are

Mixtapes and Bad Gifts

I dated a frat boy once in college. I was never in a sorority or had ever had an interest in the boys in fraternal organizations before. I was the music major that wore jeans and rock band t-shirts and hung out with art majors