Collaboration: #BirthControlHelpedMe

I have extremely heavy periods accompanied by debilitating cramps that can keep me down for 2 days. I have tried several types over the years but my preferred type of BC is the Depo shot. Every woman reacts differently to every form of BC but


Dear John: Women Paying

Dear John I really don’t like when guys pay for my stuff (movie/concert tickets, dinner, drinks, etc.). It can be sweet, but usually it just feels stuffy and old and some guys use it against women like we owe them sex or something. Like, “I


In The News This Week

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Writing letter to a friend.

Love, Loss and the Art of Letter Writing

“Letter writing is probably the most beautiful manifestation in human relations, in fact, it is its finest residue.”           – John Graham, in a letter to his third wife, Elinor (1958) In this digital world, the art of letter writing is about as dead as


Music: Buke & Gase

Secret Stages is a DIY music festival in the heart of downtown Birmingham which boasts itself as a “Discovery” festival.  The festival is set up to offer the attendee a variety of artists that might not be getting nationwide attention YET, but have the potential


Mourning My Dad’s Death

I’m writing this at work and biting back tears. I’ve felt my coworkers’ eyes on me, which is to be expected, but I don’t care. I didn’t expect to write this today. I didn’t actually expect to ever write about this for The F-Bomb, but


Dear John: Bisexual Threesome

Dear John Why does every guy I’m talking to assume that I’m going to have a threesome with him when I tell him that I’m bi-sexual? Dear Well would you? Most guys have a multiple girl fantasy.  Also, I do know women that are bi-sexual


Fashion Friday: Underneath it all….

I have never been a Victoria’s Secret girl, I know it is a lot of people’s go-to for “SEXY” and yes I have seen the Angels….but here is the thing, I’m just not into it.  Wearing those super pumped up and padded bras that are


Collaboration: Number Of Sexual Partners

I’ve slept with 23 people.  6 of those were women.  This seems like an awesome number to me, being almost 40.  I love the fact that I have gained sexual experience through a variety of partners. I think it has been essential to my personal


Best Of: The Girl In The Video

I had been dating Warren* for a few months when I arrived at his place one night to find him in a bad state. Manically texting on his phone, his eyes were red from crying. In the seconds between entering the apartment and asking the