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F-Bomb Mixtapes: Women of 2017

If this year has taught us anything….it’s that we should be listening to women.  We’re preaching to the choir here though. 😉  How about we listen to some of the best songs of the year by some of the women we think you should be

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Secret Stages

Secret Stages, a two-day music discovery festival that takes place in downtown Birmingham, is coming up August 4th + 5th!  Do you want to hear what’s coming?  Well, lucky for us, Nicole has pieced together her favorite acts in today’s mixtape!  Find out who else

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Women Classical Composers

I’ve always been fascinated with classical music. I’ve studied it, performed it, and remember every time a woman performer or composer was mentioned in class I would perk up. So, today I’ve decided to put together some of the best women that were classical composers

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Election Reflection

What is the measure of this country? Is it the ability to elect a leader with no political experience or any sort of positive personal rhetoric? Someone who touts hate and divisiveness? No. I don’t think anyone expected the result of the election to be