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(Best Of) Collaboration: Sexual Assault

With the #metoo movement hitting social media by storm over the weekend, it has us looking back to our collaboration on sexual assault we did last summer.  These are just a few of our stories.  There are so many more.   (Trigger warning. Some graphic details

Best Of: My Coming Out Story

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and we’ve been fortunate enough to have a few coming out stories shared here on I Am The F-Bomb. Here’s Nicole’s letter to her parents that we originally shared last June.  Thank you for sharing your story, Nicole.  It’s

Best Of: Coming Out Story

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and we’ve been lucky enough to share a few coming out stories, include Cassie’s. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for reading. Thank you for telling us your stories. Here I am, 27 years old and I was the

Best Of: My 31 Movies of Halloween

Last year we shared Mandy’s collection of her top 31 movies of Halloween.  Ready to get in the ghoulish season?  Try watching one of these each day this month and see how many you can get through. I’ve always had a weakness for horror movies.

Best Of: My Coming Out Story

June is LGBT Pride Month and we’d like to take a moment to remember this beautiful coming out story that we published last June. It’s kind of amazing how every LGBT person’s Coming Out Story is SO different from the next. Every story is unique.

Best Of: Who’s Keeping Time

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we were reminded of this story on not being a mother by choice.  It’s been a favorite of ours and joins the ranks of “Best Of”. I’ve been told time and time again, through news articles, TV shows,

Best Of: My Whole Heart

I think by now most of us have seen the Jimmy Kimmel monologue where he tearfully tells the story of his baby’s heart condition.  If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend watching it, but be warned that you may not be able to contain

Best Of: Your Self Esteem Sucks

(Originally published, July 2014) Let me start out by telling you that as a portrait photographer, I get hair-dresser intimate with my clients. You come over to my studio with no make up on and your hair in a ponytail, and that’s when I get

Best Of: A Tree Is Missing From Exit 5

Originally published July 14, 2014. Every November since I was six, my family took a long road trip to Pennsylvania. Spending 14 hours in the car, I found creative ways to pass the time; go through the alphabet in order using only road signs and