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I found myself in a long conversation a few weeks ago about podcasts.  What I was listening to.  What everyone else was listening to.  Working a job that requires me to sit at a desk hours every day, it’s an escape.  It’s the ultimate multi-task.  Listening to stories and working is a beautiful way to spend the day.  Then, last week S-Town came out and blew up my news feed and knew it wasn’t just me that was looking for new stories to hear.  After a week long binge of S-Town and Missing Richards Simmons and a few months of binge listening to Sword & Scale I found myself wondering what was next. What was I still missing? So, I asked the contributors of I Am The F-Bomb what some of their favorite podcasts were and compiled their selections below.  Have a few you want to add to the list? Comment below.  Oh, and don’t forget to give a listen to The Bomb Shelter, a podcast we love and publish right here on I Am The F-Bomb too!

Ashley picks:
Your New Best Friend
You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes
The Moth
Jordan Jesse Go

Kristye picks:
Savage Love
Ted Radio Hour
Missing Richard Simmons

Karen picks:
Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People
On Being
Savage Love
Judge John Hodgman
Beyond Yacht Rock
Katie Couric
10% Happier
Tara Brach
How To Be Amazing With Michael Ian Black
Time Ferriss

Tina picks:
One Bad Mother

Jackie picks:
Sword & Scale
The Bomb Shelter
Real Ghost Stories Online
The Moth

Micah picks:
Up & Vanished
Sword & Scale
My Favorite Murder
Suspect Convictions
Last Podcast To The Left
Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know
Generation Why
Thinking Sideways
Pod Save America
Pod Save The World
Another Round
Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!
Throwing Shade
Twice Removed
Reply All
Hardcore History
Stuff You Should Know
Stuff To Blow Your Mind

More Suggestions From Friends:
Guys We Fucked
You Must Remember This


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