Best Of: [Podcast] The Bomb Shelter: Who the F is This Guy? – Episode 1

Have you listened The Bomb Shelter yet?  We’re taking it back to the first episode to introduce you to our favorite episode of our favorite podcast.

Imagine we are sitting in a room together. One that doubles as a Bible study, swing dance lessons, AA meetings, and this. There are some stale cookies and a pot of the weakest coffee ever made. Everyone is introducing themselves, and it’s my turn.

My name is Micah. First and foremost, I am a man. But I haven’t been identifying as a man for very long. I am Transgender, and I identified as a woman for 25 years.

I made this podcast to introduce myself and my partner, Genevieve. After over a year of conversations regarding my transition, feminism, society, and everything that comes with the complicated world of being transgender, we want to invite more people into these conversations. The goal is to show new perspectives, to provoke thought about who we welcome into feminist spaces, and to listen to new voices where they may not have been listened to before.

If you want to gain more understanding about transgender topics, are the partner of someone considering transition, or considering your own identity (and what identity even means!) , join us in The Bomb Shelter- we’re all safe in here.

Also, bring snacks.

Here are some rules for the road:

Trans Law #1: Trans Women are women. Trans men are men.

Trans Law #2: One trans experience is not THE trans experience.

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, transgender topics, stereotypes, problematic terms, explicit content.

Music by: Magical Spacecat and Micah Lott

Produced by: Micah Lott


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