Day Thirty: Overview Of Writing For 30 Days

It is with great sadness that I submit my last writing assignment here.  Thanks so much for this opportunity to fulfill this 30 day challenge.  It has made me start writing again, and this daily discipline has been good for me.  It was fun, meaningful, and challenging.  The prompts were excellent.  Some of them made me squirm.  Some of them brought up painful memories, others were happy.  Some were whimsical, and I used my imagination freely on those.

I feel happy that I completed the challenge, although I had to miss two because of out-of-town guests.  I saved them and shared my writing with a trusted few who aren’t too hard on my writing.  I am actually proud of all the words I wrote and tried to be honest and forthcoming with the challenging prompts. 

I enjoy receiving your newsletters and look forward to hearing from you again.

I hope you offer this again.  Would love to participate and take on more writing challenges.



This has been a marathon month for my inbox. Every day I would smile as the stories flooded in.  Thank you to everyone that was a part at all.  From reading, to writing a single post, to almost every day….I appreciate you all. This site was started to give us a home to share our stories and I hope you all had fun and will stay a part of the community.  Our four year anniversary was at the beginning of the month and I’ve viewed this as a month of celebration.  I hope to do this again next year at some point too.  It’s definitely been hard with busy schedules to keep up with posting and writing.  Just know, you’re always welcome to send me stories at and that I appreciate and humbled that you want to share your stories with I Am The F-Bomb.



I tell you what, it’s good for you. Getting those thoughts out of your head and on paper, or the like, is just a proven good thing. I’ve been doing it for a long time, in my own way, but the amount of paper is hugely disproportionate to the amount of thoughts. I’ve had little structure around it, little consistency, stilted motivation, wavering purpose. Yep, all of that. So, the challenge reminded me of several things that I intend on carrying forth.

– Writing shows you your head, for better or worse, and it’s an incredibly scenic route to personal growth. 

  Fuck, I can be dark, but I can also be funny.

– Great joy comes of not editing out the ‘fucks’.

– I’m not going to hit the mark every time, may miss the board completely, but getting it out will get me to the bull’s eye eventually.

– Not everyone’s bull’s eye is the same. 

– I didn’t know going in that these would be shared, and though only a handful of people may have read them, it was    good practice to think that someone might. Moving out of the head, out of the journal, into the world.

– Writing for an audience happens on a subconscious level for me, maybe it’s the performer roots. I am getting better at writing for myself… which brings me to my most important takeaway; 

I struggle. We all struggle. My struggle dives into the deep end of depression sometimes and becomes suffering. Today, happens to be one of those times. It’s been creeping on me for weeks and I finally let her in, told her she can stay for a minute since she clearly has some shit to say, but then she best be on her way. So, she’s with me here. Today we’ll just call her, Bitch Please.

Bitch shuts off all the pretty lights and brings the scariest things center stage. All the doubt and demise, the failure and fear, piled there with no finesse. Doors are locked. House lights full up. I’ve got the best seat in the house and the ticket price is steep. 

Bitch has this sneaky way of blaming me for not doing enough while also keeping me from doing anything. And let me tell you, when your whole everything is about creating… Something. Anything. Always. Being stuck is a most painful death. I truly don’t believe anything can kill art or inspiration or magic, but it can be clouded, hidden and buried alive. It can always be resurrected, but fuck, there’s no time frame for that. There’s no map to that. That’s personal.

Bitch has her teeth in deep today, but one thing I always have is this. Even with her latched into my spine, I can still do this. It’s like running or singing or screaming or whatever that thing is for you where you just need you, and well, the will to do. So, not to suggest it’s easy. I know you can’t see tears in typing, or can you? It being the last day of the challenge, I believe it’s my doggedness that brought me here, and a good friend’s encouragement. Oh fuck, and that bitch!

Writing about her, giving her an amusing name, reminds me that I’m in control, and it will save me. I hope that with my writing, painting, performing, creating, that I can show someone else how to save themselves. I hope we can increase the currency of artists and art, not just as a thing to be consumed, but as a tool to consider for our more mystifying hitches.

Thanks for creating the space to create, IATFB.

Also, bitch please, I am the fucking f-bomb dot com, ok.



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