Gift Guide: Problem Solving Gifts To Solve Your Gift Giving Problems

Still aren’t sure what to buy your loved ones this holiday season? Forget wish lists and gift cards – give them what you know they need: problem solvers!

Bless you, Theracane. You changed my life and my gift-giving strategy. I tried one at a party and have never been the same since. You know that one spot under your right shoulder blade that almost no one can find, let alone massage effectively? Do it yourself with this hook! Just be sure to start off with light pressure because it feels so good you could end up with a big ol’ bruise, before you know it. It also effectively massages a lot of other body parts and comes with a book to show you how. Theracane $29

You can’t go wrong with a classic grabber! There is no limit to the things you might grab from a comfortable 26-32 inches away. Get the two pack! One for each hand! Consensual grabbing only, please.
Original Grabber Reacher 2 pack $20

If you know a dude that is obsessed with lawn maintenance but suspects “thatch” is some kind of scam by the Landscape Industrial Complex, these are the shoes for him. He won’t have to pay anyone or rent any special equipment, he can just stroll about the yard while these “fun” sandals may or may not do anything more than gently teach him, and everyone around him, to chuckle at his endearing paranoia:
Lawn aerator sandals $12

Here’s another spiky footwear option. What are they good for? You tell me. These fancy slippers look like they could thoroughly solve a variety of interesting problems, and solve them in style.
Spiked loafers $200 but there are cheaper versions out there, too

The GoGirl is the kind of thing that all of us might be willing to try but may not necessarily have the wherewithal to buy for ourselves – hence, it’s the perfect gift! Just imagine grandma’s face when you explain what it’s for: family hilarity for hours! If nothing else, it’s the kind of thing they can throw in the glove box in case of emergency. Just like the seatbelt cutter and the window hammer, nothing says “I love you” like letting your dearest ones know that you think about them getting into accidents, or having accidents, in this case.  GoGirl urinal $10

PS: If you are more in the mood to give gifts of knowledge and experience, you might like to know that women can pee standing up entirely device-free. Teach yourself, teach your friends?

Here’s another bathroom problem solver, perfect for new parents or, I guess, anyone that wants to take a baby shopping. Instead of holding the baby while you sit on the toilet or resting the car seat on the floor, simply hang darling baby on the wall. The Babykeeper $40


Haircutting at home can be a messy business and this item would certainly help keep things tidy. It’s far more versatile than you think though! A box of powdered donuts or bag of pistachios would make this an especially thoughtful gift for both neat freaks and messy eaters. It would also be extremely useful for picking blueberries. 360 degree catch cape $10

Another handy grooming device that’s perfect for the bearded babes in your life is the Beard Ninja. They can trim it all into perfect symmetry in no time. Beard Ninja $12





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