Day Twenty-Five: Animal

I believe animals have a spiritual quality about them.  There is a connectedness with animals experienced by many.  I almost feel un-American to admit I am not a Dog Person, but I have been dog bitten three times, and I believe that gives me a

Day Twenty-One: Hometown

My hometown holds a lot of great memories, of growing up, of crushes and first kisses and first loves, of learning to drive, finding independence, of marching bands, and Peanut Festivals, and late night drives to the beach. I’ll forever be connected with my friends

Day Twenty: Your Role In Your Family

I’m a little sister to a brother where my role is thankfully a best friend. I’m also a baby-half sister to another brother. I’m an older cousin to a 20 year old marine who’s struggling to get through his term serving. I make a habit

Day Nineteen: Health

I try to go for walks and hikes with my dog to keep myself moving and to clear my head. I do yoga on occasion. I take hot baths and write songs. I try to eat and drink mindfully but then there are those nights,

Gift Guide: Jackie Lo’s Picks

1.   Mother Of Pearl Knife Necklace 2.   Lily Underwood by Vivienne Strauss 3.   Westfalia Planter by Julie Richard Ceramist 4.   Quotes Earrings by Jools 5.   90s Babydoll Dress at shopEBV 6.   Vintage Dr. Martens Babydoll Shoes 7.   Face It Pillow by LuckyBoySunday 8.   Alma Milano

Day Eighteen: Fear

I can remember when I turned 30, sitting in a hot bubble bath, and thinking I had all the time in the world.  I couldn’t fathom growing older, and now, here I am 35 years later.  Old in the blink of an eye.  I used