Peace Piece

It’s quiet. There are many kinds of quiet in the world, but this particular quality of stillness is only found above the tree-line on a summit. It’s the kind of quiet that comes with knowing that you’re the only human being for a hundred miles.

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Taylor Swift Makes ‘Extremely Generous’ Donation to Sexual Assault After Court Victory Women Warriors: The Hidden History of Female Combat Heroes We Are Women: The Damage We Do to Boys and Men That Explains the Trump Presidency 10 Female Leaders Share Their Biggest Fears and

The Women’s Convention

The organizers that brought you The Women’s March have just announced The Women’s Convention.  Are you interested?  Do you want go.  Here’s the information we have so far. Head over to their site and RSVP. ​”The Women’s Convention will bring thousands of women, femmes and

Is There A Problem? Yeah, You’re Racist

I was 23 and waiting tables at an Italian restaurant.  My boss had recently moved away with his new wife and left his parents running the restaurant in his absence.  We all got along well. I’d been there almost 5 years and could handle almost

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We don’t care if you can see our nipples through our tops Hot damn! Check this female Marine pilot’s intro ad for Kentucky’s 6th district Congressional race Nebraska State Patrol allegedly put female recruits through ‘sexually invasive’ exams Wife Selling: The 19th Century Alternative To

Letter To My Former Self: One Year Ago

One year ago this week, I was in New York, on vacation with the love of my life.  We broke up after the Radiohead show.  I was broken and sad on my birthday 3 days later.   On this birthday, I wrote myself a letter.

F-Bomb Mixtapes: Secret Stages

Secret Stages, a two-day music discovery festival that takes place in downtown Birmingham, is coming up August 4th + 5th!  Do you want to hear what’s coming?  Well, lucky for us, Nicole has pieced together her favorite acts in today’s mixtape!  Find out who else

Video: Run The Jewels Keeping Women Safe

One of the highlights of Sloss Music & Arts Festival this weekend was Run The Jewels and even more specifically, this intro by Killer Mike. Thank goodness Rithm Blue got it on video. “As you guys can see we’ve gone from a raunchy ass punk

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Catholic Church: Women are to Blame for Pedophile Priests White House council for women and girls goes dark under Trump House Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly implements new ‘no sleeveless’ dress code for women All-girl engineer team invents solar-powered tent for the homeless  

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The Spy Who Became England’s First Successful Female Writer The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Unruly’ Women Missouri Lawmaker Announces Anti-Abortion Legislation by Killing a Chicken on Facebook Live The Clitoris: animation explains what it is,