Father’s Day…nooooo, not another one. That is my honest feeling today and has been for a while. I lost my daddy years ago and it still hurts. Still. The pain that is nothing but raw and ugly and makes you cry ugly and raw tears.

Coming Out Story

Here I am, 27 years old and I was the absolute last person to find out I was gay. These things are always hard to start off, so I’ll start with the memory of elementary school.  I remember clearly having the resilience of a child,

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Best Of: My Coming Out Story

June is LGBT Pride Month and we’d like to take a moment to remember this beautiful coming out story that we published last June. It’s kind of amazing how every LGBT person’s Coming Out Story is SO different from the next. Every story is unique.

In the News with Amy

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So WHAT If My Daughter’s A Lesbian

I attended an open mic at the Magic City Acceptance Center. It’s a safe space for youth with alternative lifestyles. I took my girls, Qadira and Phoenix, with me. I was excited about it because my oldest, Qadira, identifies as pansexual and I had been

#WCW: Doriot Anthony Dwyer

This morning, perusing through Facebook, I saw this article posted by my college flute teacher and knew this would be my #WCW for this week.  My teacher, who is a woman and a principal flutist of a symphony, and I have talked about the percentages