It starts as a small gust, but by the end of the day, it is usually an intense social media storm. Huffington Post, Buzzfeed or some other online mogul will post a story about the positive aspects of Birmingham. It is always in list form.

I Need A Best Friend

I thought I was the only one that felt this way but the other day when I was on one of my favorite all-girl Facebook groups someone posted a status that simply said, “I need a best friend”. It was such a simple phrase that

Fashion Friday: Red, White and Blue

Today’s “Fashion Friday” happens to fall on July 4th, a day where we celebrate America. When I think about what represents the “all American” look, I immediately think of two things: a good white t-shirt  and  Levi’s. I also immediately think of this commercial: I

Dear John: How To Turn A Man Down

Dear John What is the most acceptably polite yet firm way to turn a man down? We don’t want to be mean. But we want you to take us seriously. Dear Can’t Be Bothered Of all the questions I get emailed every week THIS is

Personal Story: Oops! We Moved To The Burbs

Let’s start with the trip to the neighborhood ice cream social. It’s about to pour down rain, but we are determined that we’re going to make some friends in our sprawling suburban neighborhood, and the Homeowners Association is going to be key. The dues are

You Throw Like A Girl

I think my dad always wanted a son. Instead, he got 3 daughters. I was the last one. He raised me the way anyone should raise a child. “You can do anything you put your mind to. You can compete with anyone. You’re interested in

Weigh Your Words Instead

As soon as my grandmother comes home, my mother reports to her exactly what I had for lunch and breakfast. I am in the opposite side of the house, but the walls are thin enough that I can hear their conversation in the kitchen. It