As a librarian and avid reader, I come across a lot of books everyday, some which I deign to actually read, and not just stack artistically under my nightstand. Here are some recent selections that proved particularly worthy: Ye-Ye Girls of 60s French Pop by

Fashion Friday: Ms.45

I spent my Memorial Day this year nursing a headache and watching movies with friends. My friend Greg brought over a movie that he had been wanting to show me for awhile because he “just knew I would love it”.  In the 16 years of


If you aren’t totally disgusted yet with the way women are treated in America, then you simply aren’t paying attention. In the wake of the most recent shootings in Santa Barbara and the abduction of 200 plus girls in Nigeria, I felt like I have

I Did It. I Had An Abortion.

I did it. I had an abortion. Sigh. Yes, I said the “a-word”. I don’t regret a single thing about my decision and if I could go back in time and be given the choice I would do it again without any hesitation. I was

Animal Spirits

Don’t take the concept of animal spirits lightly. This is what I have learned after my curiosity for shamans was piqued a few years ago. I heard some of my friends had been visiting a shaman who got them high enough to see God or